"The Words That Shaped Him"



Go out into the world

Explore it, enjoy it, understand it and make it better



Don't play it safe, take risks. Try everything twice before you're sure you don't like it. Don't be myopic. But most importantly, don't forget you are loved and never miss an opportunity to accept love.



Always listen to your heart and trust your gut- you have all the answers you'll ever need within you. Every experience, negative or positive, will build your character and some of your strongest traits will develop from the darkest moments. Surround yourself with people that inspire and motivate you and don't be afraid to walk away from people that do not. Live for love, laughter, adventure and most of all happiness.






Founded in 2007 by Jenna Monroe and Michaela Shoberg, requisitedance seeks to further inspire discussion about the fundamental need for art  through performance, collaboration and educational outreach. Requisitedance uses humor, wit and emotional insight along with fluid technique to craft stories exploring transformation and self-identity. Inspired by a shared passion for movement, a driving force to create innovative work and a respect for fellow artists, requisitedance takes the best of past experiences in order to sustain a collective that is responsible and artistically meaningful.  Requisitedance has been a recipient of a residency at The Garage in 2009, Dance Brigade's Down and Dirty Dance Series in 2010, and SAFEHouse Art’ SPF9 (summer performance festival) at ODC Theater in 2016. Requisitedance has also participated in the SJDanceCo’s Choreoproject, National Dance week in Santana Row, the Santa Cruz Fringe Festival and were featured guests with the Pacific Dance Ensemble in Newport, Oregon. Requisitedance also works closely with students throughout the Bay Area in the remounting of work and mentorship process. Their work, Still Breathing, which uses dancers ages 12-22 alongside company members was chosen to be presented at the SF Movement Festival in January 2017.